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Brightening Blankets at St. Leo Catholic School

Children’s Blankets of Love exists to brighten the lives of the children we serve. Recently, our founder Barbara Marchioni connected with Principal Callus of St. Leo Catholic School in Winston-Salem through their church service.

Mr. Callus shared the heroic story of Finley Price, a five-year-old student who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the end of last year in PreK. Finley’s battle has inspired us to give back, and we were happy to help Principal Callus when he called upon us.

Coincidentally, St. Leo Catholic School has an elephant as their mascot which matched the elephant on the blanket Finely received. When Principal Callus presented the blanket on behalf of Children’s Blankets of Love to Finley and her family, he reported they were overjoyed to be considered and acknowledged.

We are happy to have brightened Finley’s day as she just underwent treatment at their local children’s hospital. Keep fighting strong and we hope you continue to get better, Finley! You’re so courageous just like the elephants who survive in the wild!

Thank you, Principal Callus for sharing Finley’s story with us. If you know of a child who you would like to highlight, send us a message with their story and we would love to send them a blanket!

Pictured above is Finley Price with her new elephant blanket from CBOL, and her father, Mr. Price.


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