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Christmas Blankets of Love

When the holidays come around, Children’s Blankets of Love delivers on our mission to provide sick children in the hospital with warm, fuzzy blankets. During the winter, not only does it get frigid outside, but the inside of hospitals can also be cool. As young children, being away from home during the holiday season can be scary and sad. “Is Santa going to make it to our hospital?” they may ask.

In the spirit of Christmas, CBOL helps Santa with his special delivery to brighten the days of as many sick children as possible. Spreading good cheer, faith, and love is what CBOL is all about. This year, we made it down to Wilmington, NC to make a very special delivery for the children staying at the Novant Betty Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Our pediatric contact at the hospital was delighted to know we were on our way to deliver 100 new blankets for the children! Since founding CBOL, this was our second visit to the hospital in Wilmington. As you may know, our director Barbara Marchioni and her grandsons came up with the idea to help those less fortunate during the Christmas season back in 2018. It was then that the idea to deliver fresh, warm and fuzzy blankets to sick children in hospitals was conceived. That year, they collected 350 new blankets for their first delivery to the Wilmington hospital.

Now being a family tradition, the Marchioni’s collected 100 new blankets over the course of two weeks at the beginning of this December. Santa recruited his helpers to brighten the lives of the children at Novant Betty Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Our deliveries make a difference in these children’s lives and spread the Christmas cheer at the hospital. CBOL is grateful to have the support of our communities in North Carolina and would like to thank everybody who donated a blanket this Christmas. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

CBOL Founder and Director, Barbara Marchioni is pictured with her grandsons, Gianni and Carmine Marchioni, and the Pediatric Representative of the Novant Betty Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital as they deliver 100 blankets for Christmas.


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