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Helping us reach our cause is easy! We have several different ways for you to get involved.
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At Children’s Blankets of Love, we partner with businesses, organizations and volunteers to fundraise donations and host a blanket drive.

The impact of our nonprofit would not be possible without the community’s collaboration and support. We’ve all had a time where we were sick and had to visit the doctor’s. For children who are chronically ill, we strive to brighten their day and bring them comfort, security, and hope.

Whether you are a business owner, volunteer, or organization partner, we welcome your service, support and interest in Children’s Blankets of Love.

Click here to download our FREE Partner’s Marketing Kit! This kit contains marketing materials for on-site signage when hosting a blanket drive, our brochure, and social media posts to promote your blanket drive!

Businesses & Organization Partnerships

Children’s Blankets of Love proudly partners with local businesses and organizations to fulfill our mission.

We not only raise awareness within their community, but we see an incredible outpouring of support for our blanket drives and partnered businesses.

Learn how your business or organization can sponsor a blanket drive and get started with our marketing kit. We also have a few additional ways to get involved such as an online donation or buying a blanket from our online registry. Let’s work together and make an impact on your community!

Get Involved as a Volunteer

Are you interested in helping Children’s Blankets of Love at an individual level?

We are always seeking volunteers who can assist us! At CBOL, we understand the impact that individuals can make in their community – that’s how we got started!

Help us widen our reach and know your efforts do make a difference! The children who receive our blankets are so appreciative and excited to have a new gift. Our blankets spread joy and comfort when times can be unsettling in a hospital.

As a volunteer, you can assist us in raising money from your friends and family or setting up your own blanket drive. Learn more about how you can get started.

Please consider a blanket donation to Children’s Blankets of Love through the online method of your choice.  Thank you!




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