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Hospital Beneficiaries


The Children’s Blankets of Love organization thanks our hospital partners for the important work they do and for the opportunity they provide that allows us to serve our children. It is our privilege to work with these special health care providers.

Betty H. Cameron Women's and Children's Hospital

During our first year, we proudly donated 350 blankets to the children’s hospital in Wilmington, NC.

Children’s Blankets of Love partnered with a local coffee shop and started with only one collection box. Being a new concept, we didn’t know what to expect. However, it was incredible to see the community’s support.

The box had some info about our mission. Curious customers read it and word of mouth made a big impact. Who knew with one box and the power of community, we could collect 350 new blankets for the children.

The Wilmington children’s hospital was grateful for our donation and they mentioned the children who received a blanket felt joy, comfort, and love.

Duke Children's Hospital

In our second year of operations, we collected 500 blankets for the Duke Children’s Hospital!

We were fortunate to partner with the Knights of Columbus, another incredible nonprofit organization. They helped us place collection boxes in a local coffee shop.

Children’s Blankets of Love also interviewed with a local TV station to get the word out to the community.

The Duke Children’s Hospital staff reported to us the children were happy to receive our blankets when the nurses delivered them.

UNC Children's Hospital

We have a strong partnership with UNC Children’s Hospital and have donated twice in the last few years.

We renewed the help of the Knights of Columbus and again placed collection boxes in the community’s local coffee shops. It’s always incredible to see the support from the public. We received 500 blankets!

The next year during the summer, the UNC Children’s Hospital called us requesting more blankets. We welcome hospitals to contact us for blankets as we seek to help as many children as possible.

Children’s Blankets of Love received $1,000 in donations and was able to buy new cozy blankets for the hospital.

WakeMed Children's Hospital

In our third year, we donated 600 blankets to the WakeMed Children’s Hospital!

Our partnerships with hospitals were expanding as we made several donations to the Triangle’s hospitals.

WakeMed was in need of blankets and we were prepared to help. With the help of the Knights of Columbus, we placed collection boxes around the Raleigh community’s local businesses.

Awareness for our cause was growing over the years and word of mouth helped widen our reach to the public. We are always humbled by the support of the community, and their generosity was greatly appreciated by the children at WakeMed.

Blanket Deliveries for Our Hospital Beneficiaries

We are blessed to have support from our friends at The Knights of Columbus at St. Bernadette for their volunteer efforts and blanket donations!

Please consider a blanket donation to Children’s Blankets of Love through the online method of your choice. Thank you!




Volunteers from The Knights of Columbus at St. Bernadette delivering blankets to Duke Children's Hospital.
Volunteers from The Knights of Columbus at St. Bernadette delivering blankets to the UNC Children's Hospital.
Volunteers from The Knights of Columbus at St. Bernadette delivering blankets to the WakeMed Children's Hospital.

Children's Blankets of Love also ships worldwide!

We’re happy to have shipped blankets to children’s hospitals in need overseas in Panama, the Philippines, and India.