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Siblings in Service: Naylor Roadside Market’s Heartwarming Blanket Drive

In the spirit of giving back, the Naylor family, with daughters Reagan and Morgan Naylor leading the charge, once again proved that even a small community can make a significant impact. This time, their Blanket Drive at Naylor Roadside Market warmed hearts and brought the Fuquay-Varina community together for a cause close to our hearts.

A Season of Generosity: The Naylor Roadside Market Blanket Drive

The holiday season can be particularly challenging for children spending it in a hospital far from home. Recognizing this, the Naylor family, always ready to be community angels, sponsored another Blanket Drive at their business.

Over a few days, the Naylor Roadside Market collected blankets from compassionate community members who pitched in to make a difference. The warmth of the community spirit was palpable, and we are grateful for each person who contributed to this heartening initiative.

Siblings in Action: Reagan and Morgan’s Impact

Reagan and Morgan Naylor, with their boundless compassion, spearheaded the drive, collecting a remarkable number of blankets. Their thoughtfulness and generosity are sure to bring joy to the children at the UNC Children’s Hospital, providing them comfort during challenging times.

Inspiration for All: Starting Your Own Blanket Drive

If Reagan and Morgan’s story has inspired you, hosting your own Blanket Drive is a simple yet impactful way to make a difference. Our specially designed Marketing Kit, complete with signage, social media posts, and materials, makes it easy to kickstart your initiative. Print the materials, set up a collection box at your establishment, spread the word using our social media posts, and start collecting blankets. Once your drive concludes, let us know, and we can arrange to collect your donation.

Reagan shared her positive experience, saying, “I found it SO easy to download all of the marketing materials directly from the website and put them on our donation box! The materials provided were bright, eye-catching, and gave enough information about the organization!”

We are incredibly grateful for the Naylor Roadside Market’s ongoing support, proving that when a community comes together, incredible things happen. Here’s to Reagan, Morgan, and everyone who contributed, turning compassion into warmth for those who need it most.


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