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Spreading Warmth: A Heartfelt Blanket Drive for Dr. Samodal’s Medical Mission

At Children’s Blankets of Love, our mission revolves around bringing warmth and comfort to children facing challenges. Recently, our founder, Barbara Marchioni, joined hands with board member Chris Craney for a heartwarming initiative.

Bringing Comfort to Children: A Generous Blanket Donation

In the true spirit of community and generosity, Barbara and Chris decided to make a difference in the lives of children. Together, they contributed a substantial number of blankets to Dr. Rodrigo Samodal, an inspiring advocate for pediatric health.

Empowering Dr. Samodal’s Mission

Dr. Rodrigo Samodal’s mission, supported by these heartfelt donations, is set to bring comfort to children facing health challenges in California and the Philippines.

Unity in Action: Making a Tangible Difference

This collaborative effort symbolizes the unity and compassion at the heart of Children’s Blankets of Love. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Barbara Marchioni and Chris Craney for their invaluable contribution, making a tangible difference in the lives of children.

Stay Connected: Following the Journey

Join us as we follow Dr. Rodrigo Samodal’s mission and witness the positive impact these blankets will bring to children in California and the Philippines.

In the spirit of unity and love, Children’s Blankets of Love continues to spread warmth and hope. Thank you to Barbara Marchioni, Chris Craney, and Dr. Samodal for embodying the true essence of compassion. Together, we are making the world a cozier place for those who need it most.


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